Monday, November 10, 2008

Jasper Nolan resignation petition circulated

Saratoga Politics has been sent the text of the Jasper Nolan "petition" rumored to be circulating by hand and e-mail in Saratoga County.

Potential "signers" are being asked to print out a copy and pass it on to other like thinking party reformers who want to modernize the party.

The person who leaked the letter to the Saratoga Politics Blog intimated (hinted) that everyone will be encouraged to talk about the petition at functions until it creates the necessary mass and momentum to actually get Nolan to retire.

People have been intimidated by Nolan in the past and are hesitant to "go on the record" and realize that Nolan will not retire without being "pushed out" thus the petition was created to start the process of reform in a respectful fashion.

An Open Letter to Chairman Nolan

Dear Chairman,

Last week, Saratoga County Republicans experienced another round of unexpected losses. Following years of setbacks in Republican strongholds, we saw the upset defeat of our city court candidate in Saratoga Springs, while Barack Obama carried our county and the party's hand-picked Congressional candidate lost it by the largest margin in memory.

The results of the 2008 elections were a clear warning. The ability of a liberal Democrat like Barack Obama to win countywide is the clearest testament to date of the failings of our current leadership and the collapse of our credibility with the voters of Saratoga County. Next year, we will undoubtedly face a Democrat effort unlike any we have seen before. Emboldened by their victories, with greater resources and newer technologies at their disposal, we can expect the Democrats to launch serious efforts against virtually all of our Republican candidates on the 2009 ballot.

For our own survival, we believe it is imperative that the county party come under new leadership. We need a chairman capable of putting forth a new strategy to reverse our fortunes and to withstand this onslaught. We need a chairman who can adapt our organization to utilize emerging technologies and to respond to the changes our county is undergoing. Most importantly, we need a chairman who can renew the image of the Republican Party in the eyes of the voters.

We make this statement with the utmost respect for your years of service and the many victories you have led us to in years past, and we know that you share the same commitment to guaranteeing the future of the Republican Party in Saratoga County.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jasper Nolan takes GOP to new lows

After a huge defeat on election night it has become clear that Jasper Nolan will have to be replaced.

Nolan couldn't even win a race for dog catcher, especially after losing what should have been a lay-up victory for Spa City Court Judge.

It's hard to waste much more time on Nolan - he's an embarrassment.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Jasper Nolan says he will RETIRE based on race outcome

The quiet whispers are now being heard more loudly and more frequently at Republican county and town rallies in Saratoga County.

Jasper Nolan will retire if he cannot win the Treadwell race decisively. He has set a goal for the campaign and his organization.

If Treadwell does not win by a margin of 55% to Gillibrand's 45% ( or better) Nolan has indicated he will step down on election night.

This might explain why the RSVP's for the election night rally have grown from a handful to hundreds.

It is thought that potential replacements for county chairman will be working the room garnering support and testing the waters.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

LeRoy elected at illegal meeting

Well known Community Organizer and metrosexual, Marvin LeRoy was elected Vice-Chairman of the Rogue Clifton Park Republican Committee last week at an illegal meeting. Chairman and Chief Dunce, Bob Wilcox apparently didn't study reading comprehension at law school as the committee by-laws and NYS Election law clearly state that committee reorganization votes are to be held within 20 days after the party primary.
A new meeting has been scheduled for September 17th at THE VISTA whereby Wilcox will again cheerlead for the election of LeRoy, who many believe has only one qualification to be a committee officer, he holds a patronage public payroll position just like all the other committee officers.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Linda McNab tied to Patronage Scandal !

This tip was forwarded to us by Times Union Blogger "qualified" and it tells the story of the Clifton Park GOP - They are in it for personal profit and nothing more.

Here's the post:

I’ve heard about The rogue group of Clifton Park Republicans called THE CULT.
They worship at the alter of Pagan Patronage, Government Payrolls and their Cult Leader, Jasper Nolan who helps them find opportunities to profit from taxpayer funds.

Linda McNab, the bleached blonde gum-snapping Treasurer of this rogue Clifton Park GOP Committee is a GOP State Representative (Nolan Puppet) and low and behold her son just so happens to get paid by the committee and the taxpayers….WHAT A SURPRISE!

McNab, Keith B Senate Senate Regular Annual Albany Data Services Mngr BiWeekly $1,879

Keith McNab also receiving expenditures from THE CLIFTON PARK REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE
$250 documented here:
The members of this Cult have no interest in Republican ideals or winning elections, they are in it:

$45,096 per year with great benefits, that’s what this group of self-interested cultists are all about.

Want to solve the state budget crisis, simple, eliminate the patronage hacks, but then Jasper Nolan’s dysfunctional county GOP committee would have NO MEMBERS.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Renewed calls for Jasper Nolan to Retire

With Bruno's retirement, SaratogaPolitics is getting deluged with Saratoga GOP committee member e-mails suggesting it's long overdue for County GOP Chairman John "Jasper" Nolan to announce his retirement.

Bruno Retires; Saratoga GOP going downhill fast

Saratoga GOP future is now certain....downhill fast.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clifton Park GOP Committee DEAD. Rebirth deal afoot.

Months after Bob Wilcox destroyed the credibility of The Clifton Park Republican Committee and made it totally irrelevant in town politics there is a move afoot to rebuild the party.

First reported here, the town elected officials have reportedly offered a solution to help this committee work to regain their trust and begin the long road to becoming an important player in town politics.

There are many proposals but they all involve a complete reorganization at the executive committee level. The agreement being offered is that serious discussions can begin after Bob Wilcox, pictured above, Hugh Burke and Linda McNab agree to resign their executive committee posts.

Once that occurs, the town board will work to establish a new committee leadership team and will agree to help the committee regain the success they enjoyed in the previous years.

Sounds like a positive step, we'll report back if the committee members agree to the first steps on the road to recovery.

The other priority "issue" was that anyone who wants to continue with the nasty stealth group named "the coalition" will also have to agree to resign from the town GOP committee.

For the sake of the Republican Committee up there everyone hopes they agree to work with their elected leaders.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Republican Supervisor Daly endorses Democrat Gillibrand for Congress

In a stunning break from the Republican Party, Clifton Park Supervisor Anita Daly has "endorsed" the Democratic candidate for Congress, Kirsten Gillibrand, by using highly favorable comments in Sunday's Times Union. This is probably not "formal" but in politics perception becomes reality.

Insiders are not surprised, just last month Republican Clifton Park Chairman Bob Wilcox teamed with Daly to attend a Clifton Park Town Board meeting at the behest of a former Columbia County Democratic Chairman and Daly political advisor.

At that meeting and in an e-mail from Wilcox, the rogue Town GOP Committee actually "disowned" their Republican elected officials in Clifton Park.

People are now saying that Daly and Wilcox are now choosing to buck County Republicans and Congressional candidate Sandy Treadwell and through the media derail the Treadwell campaign and give the media favorable quotes and press releases regarding Gillibrand.

People familiar with Wilcox & Daly say they have pushed for higher water taxes in Saratoga County and have embraced the Democratic Party and will work to destroy the local Republican organization in the town and county.

The Vice-Chairman in Clifton Park, Neil Weiner is said to also be a trojan horse and was once a Democrat enrolled party member before plotting to take over the town and county.

Stay tuned as documents are pouring in that indicate Daly and Wilcox have been big supporters of other liberal Democrats in the past as well.

Here are the DALY QUOTES from the Sunday June 15 Times Union article:

Anita Daly, a Clifton Park county supervisor and Republican, says Gillibrand has been "very helpful and supportive" with several initiatives, including a $67 million water project in Saratoga County.
Daly calls Gillibrand "a very hardworking public official who, in my eyes, has been very dedicated to working for the people who put her in office."
Other lawmakers were "always cooperative" and gave her "time" whenever she called with a request, Daly said. "But what I do see Kirsten Gillibrand doing is truly reaching out to the constituents on a level to understand their needs and try to build whatever she can to (help them) grow their own communities in a way they so choose to do."
"She's not at all approaching her public work with any agenda of her own," Daly continued.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

CP GOP Secretary Linda McNab called on her blatant LYING

In a stinging reprimand. Clifton Park's Republican Committee was told to stop lying to the residents and causing further embarrassment to the Republican Party. The spanking came in the form of a rebuttal letter to the editor of The Community News and proved McNab a liar.

Ms. McNab wrote a public "official" letter on behalf of the committee at the direction of the flailing chairman, Bob Wilcox. In the letter, laced with lie after lie, she manufactured fantasies to attempt to embarrass the town board. Instead, she embarrassed herself, Wilcox and the committee which authorized her poison penmanship.
Wilcox has now exhausted any and all credibility of his rogue executive committee might have had.

The Committee has become a laughing stock after Wilcox was told to take the reigns and his marching orders from his patron, the county boss Jasper Nolan.

If Ms. McNab continues writing lies for Wilcox there are talks of taking Wilcox and the executive committee to court for libelous mischaracterizations.

Just what the already embarrased lawyer Wilcox needs, more bad press for his amateur directives and mismanagement of the committee from the start.

In further news, people are quitting his rogue committee in numbers never before seen in that town.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wilcox embarrasses GOP Community

Photo to left is one of the rogue executive committee members. In this case it's disgraced treasurer Hugh Burke who TV 13 reported ADMITTED using taxpayer paid for county attorney office equipment to run his political operation.

Republican Committee renounces council members
By:GLENN GRIFFITH Community News

Story Link

CLIFTON PARK - The town's Republican Party Committee May 9 renounced four of five Town Council members in a brief and succinct press release saying they no longer spoke for, or represented, the Republican party.All five members of the town board are members of the Republican Party. The four renounced were supervisor Philip Barrett, councilwoman Lynda Walowit and councilmen Tom Paolucci and Scott Hughes.

The notification by the Clifton Park Republican Committee states the four were renounced for failing to show up to a committee meeting where they were expected to explain recent actions. The press release was unsigned but listed town Republican Party Chairman Robert Wilcox as the contact person.

Town Republican Party Committee vice chairman and committee communications director Adam Kramer disapproved of the action, calling it a hasty maneuver, counter productive, and a potentially suicidal move. He said he was sick and tired of divisions within the local party's ranks. Kramer was out of town on a family vacation when notice of the action was released. "If I had been given the courtesy of a heads-up as to the committee's actions before-hand, I would have strongly counseled against such a counterproductive move," he said. "I understand emotions have run very high, but this serious action should not have been done in such haste. It was not the right thing to do and I strongly disagree with it."

Requests to Kramer and Wilcox for a tally of the commit tee's vote to renounce the four party members were unsuccessful. Each political party in Clifton Park is allowed two committee members for each of the town's 34 election districts.The committee's action comes two weeks after the four Town Board members unanimously appointed John Ryan to the Clifton Park Water Authority's Board of Directors. The four refused a request from absent fellow board member Sanford "Sandy" Roth to table the appointment.Roth returned to the board April 28 and reprimanded the four for failing to allow others to be interviewed for the water authority appointment.

This is not the first time the Clifton Park Republican Committee has turned on one of its own. In the early 1980s, Kevin Dailey was ousted from the party. He was subsequently elected supervisor with support from the town's Democrats. What Griffith doesn't add is that it was some of the same politically deaf, dumb and blind players who were involved then as now - namely Linda McNab, Elaine Kelly, Bob Wilcox, and Jasper Nolan - proving the definition of insane is correct as they expect different results from the same bone-headed hate filled decisions. Dailey remains VERY popular and his crime? It was creating THE CLIFTON COMMON the most popular recreation park in the REGION.

In the late 1990s, incumbent Walowit was victorious in a primary to determine who would run for office under the Republican banner in the general election.Reaction from the four board members to the committee's actions ranged from muted to humorous.

Barrett had little to say. "It is what it is and we'll move forward," he said. "I wasn't contacted to be at the meeting. I wasn't told to be there or else, or told you should be there."Barrett said he did not know of anyone else ever being renounced by their political party's committee for missing a meeting.

Walowit said she and the other board members were asked to attend illegal meetings and to support financial contributors to the party. "Now they've reached the core of having to explain to the people of Clifton Park why we're being punished," she said. "If Mr. Roth had shared our concerns about water, the people who came to the April 21 meeting wouldn't have bothered coming."

Paolucci said he was proud to be a Republican, one who believes in small, fiscally responsible government that can improve the quality of life for the town's citizens. He noted the present administration's fiscal record of retaining the no town tax policy."I am dismayed that a small group of local Republican leaders have determined that they can undermine the governmental process in Clifton Park by threatening political support in exchange for votes that forward their agenda," he said.


"Bob Wilcox's statement and actions are very much like that of a small child throwing a temper tantrum when things do not go their way, and then picking up their toy truck and stomping home, stating if you don't play by my rules then you won't play at all," Paolucci said.Paolucci believes Wilcox is under pressure from county Republicans to deliver a signed contract from the Clifton Park Water Authority to buy water from the county. He called he county water expensive and something the town doesn't need.

Like Walowit, Hughes said he was asked to attend meetings he believes contradict the state's Sunshine Laws. Wilcox, Hughes said, speaks for a small minority on the town's Republican committee.He described Wilcox and others on the committee who supported the renouncment as the gang that can't shoot straight.

"Bob Wilcox does not get to choose who is and is not a Republican," Hughes said. "I'm proud of the record I'm creating in support of the citizens of Clifton Park. Bob Wilcox is having a temper tantrum because he can't control the Town Board through political pressure.

He thinks he's Boss Tweed and Clifton Park is Tammany Hall."Hughes said when Wilcox was elected committee chairman of the town Republican Committee, he promised everyone would have a voice. "Now it seems the executive committee seems intent on doing things in back rooms," he said. "I refuse to compromise my support for open ethical government."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clifton Park officials may offer GOP a "deal" they can't refuse

Sources in Clifton Park are suggesting that the elected officials may be working on a deal with the Clifton Park Republican Party to re-establish a partnership broken by the new Chairman, Wilcox.
Details are still not clear but there is quite a bit of talk that there are a number of issues that the Party Executive Commmittee would have to agree to.
Sources who have seen a "draft" copy think that the number one agreement, which is listed as #1 on the paper, is that the Chairman, Wilcox, would have to agree to step aside and off the executive committee.
This would seem obvious as Wilcox could not possibly put the genie back into the bottle of his fatal pronouncement/press release.
#2 similarly would be the quiet resignations of the treasurer and secretary of the committee. Although both sides would stay silent on these 3 departures they must occur in 30 days.
#4 was to allow the current two Vice-Chairmen to serve as co-acting chairmen until the new executive committee could run as a team.
#5 Immediate cessation of volunteer board members from engaging in politics either at town hall meetings or lurking in the shadows as a puppet for county interests.
#6 Take County Chairman Jasper Nolan at his "word" that he has no influence or involvement in local committee activities and he signs an agreement to that effect.
#7 Committee takes the official position that this year should be Nolan's LAST year as County Chairman, time for new blood.
There were 10 in all but the source could not see the second page.
All in all, this sounds like the reasonable approach to mending the fences and moving forward from what everyone admits has been a disasterous last 6 months.
Stay tuned as we will report if the Clifton Park GOP takes these common sense actions or continues to be a public circus.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Republican rift grows over vote on water board

Committeemen split with leader
Monday, May 12, 2008

By Cari Scribner (Contact)Gazette Reporter

CLIFTON PARK — Adam Kramer, vice chairman of the Clifton Park Republican Committee, voiced strong disagreement Sunday with a move by Chairman Bob Wilcox to cut off several town officials from the party’s long-standing network of political support.

Last Friday, Wilcox announced that Town Supervisor Phil Barrett, and Town Board members Scott Hughes, Tom Paolucci and Lynda Walowit should no longer expect the support of the town’s Republican Committee and are no longer welcome at committee meetings.

The surprise announcement came after Wilcox and some other members of the committee openly and repeatedly criticized a unanimous vote by Barrett, Hughes, Paolucci, and Walowit to give a vacant seat on the Clifton Park Water Authority to resident John Ryan.

One Town Board member, Sandy Roth, was absent when Ryan was interviewed and had asked the board to delay action until he could be present. But the board made the appointment without Roth’s input.
"This was a blatant show of disrespect for [Roth]," Wilcox wrote in a memo urging Republican Committee members to attend the Town Board meeting and protest the board’s decision to move ahead with the appointment and not wait for Roth’s return.

Two weeks after the controversial appointment, Wilcox said he anticipated the four elected officials giving an explanation for their vote to the GOP Committee at its meeting last Thursday night. They did not.
Friday morning, in communications now regularly taking the form of e-mails and press releases, Wilcox issued a short statement saying "the [Town Republican] Committee regretfully must inform the community that these elected officials no longer speak for, or represent, the Republican Party in Clifton Park."

However, despite his insistence that no major political moves be made without input from all colleagues, Wilcox released this statement about severing the GOP affiliation with the four board members while the Republican Committee’s vice chairman, Kramer, was in Arizona for a long-planned family vacation.

Kramer criticized Wilcox and said he had not been authorized to speak for the entire committee.
"I was not made aware of the committee’s actions to disown four of our Town Board members before the meeting occurred and found about it after the fact via press release ," Kramer wrote. "If I had been given the courtesy of a heads-up as to the committee’s actions beforehand, I would have strongly counseled against such a foolhardy and potentially suicidal move. I understand emotions have run very high, but this serious action should not have been done in such haste. It was not the right thing to do and I strongly condemn it."

On Sunday, Town Board member Hughes said he had not been received a copy of the e-mail from Wilcox stating the Republican Committee had severed ties with the board members.
"While I’m sad to see that the new GOP Executive Committee is busy self-destructing, the fact is that Bob Wilcox does not get to decide who is and who is not a Republican," Hughes said.

Squabbles among members of the traditionally strong Republican Party have risen to the forefront as the town continues to weigh its options for buying into the Saratoga County Water System.
The majority of Town Board members have said they need more information before forming any opinions about whether or not they support the county water system, a decision that ultimately rests in the hands of the five-member Clifton Park Water Authority. However, any open seats on the authority are filled by the Town Board.

Water Authority Chairman Helmut Gerstenberger said as negotiations with the county now stand town residents could pay as much as 40 percent more for water piped in from Moreau than they currently pay from the town’s sources.
Clifton Park Republican Committee member Michael Dudick also released a statement Sunday saying he was not at the GOP meeting last week, and was surprised to read Wilcox’s statement in the newspapers. "I think it odd to be a member of a group that works to promote Republican ideas, images and candidates and have some other members and leadership make public comments against any Republicans in office," Dudick wrote. "I personally support all Republican town officials, and I stand by my previous statements and actions when I, along with all other members of the [committee] campaigned for all the Republicans who were on the ballot in Clifton Park in the last four years of elections."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kukuk's sneak atttack on Barrett

Clifton Park Town Highway Superintendent, Rick Kukuk pictured here, making move on Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett. Reports have Kukuk secretly conspiring with County GOP Chairman Jasper Nolan to dig up dirt at town hall on Phil Barrett.

When asked about this Barrett responded by saying "Kukuk is a great friend and it's O.K. if they make me look silly, I'm going to take this sitting down as I am tired of sitting on the fence blowing in the wind."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saratoga Times Gazette - REPRINT

The Saratoga Times Gazette is reporting that Clifton Park GOP Chairmain, Bob Wilcox pictured above, has issued a major press statement telling the community he has disowned himself. Sources close to the story have told our reporter that following his statement he went out drinking with his friend Steve and downed 10 beers in 10 minutes and put it on video for later broadcast on YOUTUBE.

When contacted about the story, County Chairman Casper "the ghost" Nolan stated he had never heard of Wilcox and never once spoke to Steve about secretly undermining the town committee and never ever met with the soul-less cowards at Elaines, a popular NYC eatery.

Once given their marching orders, clueless and brainless members of the executive committee decided without consulting their members that Wilcox would plan secret illegal meetings, attempt to trick the elected officials into attending so that he could get them to do Casper's bidding.

Wilcox agreed because he was given a high paying patronage job. Steve said he would go along if people would simply stroke him and call him a "big man" now and then to soothe his guilty conscience and lack of integrity.

The story does not end here, the series will continue next week with Part Two titled: "The Big Man threatens a sixty year old woman and feels powerful afterwards".

Thursday, March 20, 2008

County GOP Chairman Jasper Nolan and PATRONAGE

Numerous news outlets are on the verge of blowing the top off the patronage scandal being discussed at the Times Union Capital Confidential Blog.

Some are saying that the latest job givaway to the Clifton Park political boss was the straw that broke the camel's back.

There is intense scrutiny into the "timing" of that job and questions are being asked about who was involved.

This has attracted attention to ALL the OTHER town and city chairmen and if they or their spouses or families have political jobs - and preliminary reports are mind boggling - it seems that MOST have patronage jobs.

The question reporters are asking are has Jasper Nolan abused the taxpayer dollars by creating all these patronage jobs?

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wager joins growing list of honest folks disgusted with Jasper Nolan.

January 28, 2008
Dear Friends, Just a brief update on the campaign’s progress—and to thank you again for everything you are doing on my behalf. As you may know, I have received significant support in the past couple of weeks from town and county Republican committees. These hard-fought victories have made a lot of people sit up and take notice of our energetic campaign and of our positive and hopeful message of change in Washington.

These victories prove that this campaign can compete and win wherever the playing field is level, and whenever rank-and-file Republican committee members are allowed to have their say. That is not always the case, though. In too many quarters of our esteemed Party, (Jasper Nolan Style machine) politics stubbornly lingers. I have recently learned, for example, that one of the larger Republican County Committees in the 20th District, has made an endorsement in this race, without having met with three of the four Republican candidates.

Repeated and respectful requests for a meeting with that county’s full Republican committee and/or executive committee were made by my campaign, yet we were not extended the courtesy. I find that upsetting, both individually and as a loyal member of the Republican Party. It was my hope that our Party had moved beyond those tactics. There are four fine Republican candidates seeking this nomination, each with his own strengths and ideas, each with his own vision for the future. Hearing from them all of them could only be beneficial to our Party.

When I travel around the 20th to speak with voters—and I do it every day—I hear a strong wind for change blowing. I hear New Yorkers frustrated with Washington and with politics-as-usual here in New York. I hear Republicans who want to move forward, not backwards.Should we choose to listen to those voices and engage in honest, open dialogue about the issues they care about, I am convinced that the best days of the New York Republican Party are ahead. If, on the other hand, we revert to being a Party with a closed political process and limited internal debate, I think our challenges will mount.

The Republican Party that I know and love is the best hope for our state. With your help, I will continue to proudly promote its philosophy and my positive vision for change as I campaign for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 20th District.

Sincerely, Rich Wager

Candidate Mike Rocque earlier revealed Nolan's corrupt process:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

GOP Leader's exit is urged

After defeat, dissent in GOP
Colonie leader's exit urged in wake of historic sweep by Democrats By JORDAN CARLEO-EVANGELIST, Staff writer Click byline for more stories by writer.
First published: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

COLONIE -- The November elections landed with a deflating thud in Town Hall, long controlled by the GOP.
But the heaviest political fallout may have come recently when a high-profile Republican sent an e-mail to party members calling on town GOP Chairman Harry J. D'Agostino to quit in the wake of the Democrats' takeover.

John Graziano Sr., a Colonie resident and Albany County's Republican elections commissioner, said that D'Agostino's unwillingness to change may doom the GOP to future defeats.
D'Agostino said he won't step down. But the dissent is a sign of weakness inside Colonie's Republican machine, less celebrated but arguably more efficient and long-lived than its Democratic counterpart in Albany.

"Everything seems to be a 'business-as-usual' approach, even though we lost the majority of the Town Board, our supervisor and many valued members of the town government," wrote Graziano, asking "with no malice intended" for D'Agostino to support him as his successor.

A similar e-mail from fellow Republican Roger Cusick, an attorney who has run for district attorney and county executive, said "the organization has been essentially closed to new ideas and new people."
"This method has worked in the past, and for that we should be eternally grateful and respectful of Harry," he continued. "However, times have changed and the beating this organization took in 2007 was certainly predictable..."

D'Agostino, a 76-year-old lawyer, has run the party for 35 years. Until now, Democrats hadn't elected a candidate to town office since Prohibition.
In a turnaround that startled even some Democrats, the party swept November's elections, buoyed by accusations of scandal and financial mismanagement against the GOP.
D'Agostino said he hopes to continue as chairman beyond September, when he is eligible for re-election by the committee's 120 members.

"I'm going to continue on doing what I was elected to do," he said in an interview. "The mark of a good leader is being able to lead in good times as well as times of adversity."
D'Agostino said he has been meeting with small groups of committee members for their input. Among the trends he said he hopes to reverse is Republicans crossing party lines to vote for Democrats. D'Agostino also pointed out that the supervisor's race was very close, and a greater percentage of Republican voters turned out than Democrats.
Graziano contends D'Agostino already has delayed too long.

"You cannot wait until next year to re-organize and expect to run an effective campaign," he said.
It was not clear whether Graziano has the support to unseat D'Agostino. But the fact that his ouster was broached hints at the turmoil behind the scenes in an organization known for its unified public face.
Republicans will gather Friday for their annual fundraiser -- usually a "Victory Party" -- at Michael's Banquet House.

"I have no ulterior motive," Graziano said. "I'm not a lawyer. I'm not an insurance salesman. I can't make any money off this. This is nothing but a labor of love for the party."

Friday, January 18, 2008


County Chairman was caught "fixing" the outcome of a committee election. His secret plan was to quietly crown his candidate for the 20th without the media following the story.
However, The Post-Star has been reporting his scheme and the TU Capital Confidential Blog has had dozens of comments by outraged Saratoga County voters who are, well, seeing Red over Nolan's corrupt style of politics. Other Counties who are free to actually have a fair and open process are going to
make Nolan even more RED FACED.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nolan goes nuts, fixes vote outcome

County Chairman John "Jasper" Nolan says it's
O.K. to disinfranchise Saratoga County Republican Voters and tells reporter: "I'm the boss, I'm the boss,
cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo.....

Candidates protest vote process
Published: Thursday, January 17, 2008

The full Saratoga County Republican Committee should be included in the process of selecting a preferred candidate to challenge U.S. Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-Greenport, in November, three of the four Republican candidates said Wednesday.Richard Wager, Michael Rocque and John Wallace all said a vote of the full county committee would be more representative than leaving the decision up to a much smaller "executive committee" of county party leaders, as is currently the plan."All I'm asking for is a level playing field," said Wager, from Millbrook in Dutchess County."A lot of it goes back to the open election process," said Michael Rocque, of Clifton Park.

Wager, a former aide to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Rocque, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, have both written letters to Saratoga County Republican Chairman John "Jasper" Nolan calling for a vote of the full county committee, as is the policy in Warren and Washington counties.

John Wallace, of Chatham in Columbia County, said Wednesday he has not written a letter, but he supports the request of the other two candidates."I'm for open and verifiable elections," said Wallace, a real estate broker and retired State Trooper.Nolan said it would be impractical to organize a vote of the entire county committee within a short time frame because of the large number of people who serve on it.