Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saratoga Times Gazette - REPRINT

The Saratoga Times Gazette is reporting that Clifton Park GOP Chairmain, Bob Wilcox pictured above, has issued a major press statement telling the community he has disowned himself. Sources close to the story have told our reporter that following his statement he went out drinking with his friend Steve and downed 10 beers in 10 minutes and put it on video for later broadcast on YOUTUBE.

When contacted about the story, County Chairman Casper "the ghost" Nolan stated he had never heard of Wilcox and never once spoke to Steve about secretly undermining the town committee and never ever met with the soul-less cowards at Elaines, a popular NYC eatery.

Once given their marching orders, clueless and brainless members of the executive committee decided without consulting their members that Wilcox would plan secret illegal meetings, attempt to trick the elected officials into attending so that he could get them to do Casper's bidding.

Wilcox agreed because he was given a high paying patronage job. Steve said he would go along if people would simply stroke him and call him a "big man" now and then to soothe his guilty conscience and lack of integrity.

The story does not end here, the series will continue next week with Part Two titled: "The Big Man threatens a sixty year old woman and feels powerful afterwards".


Anonymous said...

Has anyone in Clifton Park figured it out yet? Jasper Nolan is using unstable buffoons like Wilcox, Bulger, Weeener and McNab to make Clifton Park more of a laughing stock than himself. Clifton Park will never regain the status it had in years past until the committee stands up to Nolan and tells him as the largest town in the county they demand his resignation.

Anonymous said...

How does Jasper have so much power? How can he be deposed?