Friday, October 03, 2008

Jasper Nolan says he will RETIRE based on race outcome

The quiet whispers are now being heard more loudly and more frequently at Republican county and town rallies in Saratoga County.

Jasper Nolan will retire if he cannot win the Treadwell race decisively. He has set a goal for the campaign and his organization.

If Treadwell does not win by a margin of 55% to Gillibrand's 45% ( or better) Nolan has indicated he will step down on election night.

This might explain why the RSVP's for the election night rally have grown from a handful to hundreds.

It is thought that potential replacements for county chairman will be working the room garnering support and testing the waters.


Anonymous said...

That's what I call burying two dinosaurs with one landslide!

Anonymous said...

Word is that if Jasper retires, Bob Wilcox would make a play for County chair or Vice Chair.

If that happens there's speculation that the mercurial Marty Torrey would become Clifton Park GOP Chair.

Which would then beg the question that if Torrey became party chair would he nominate Democrats since he was Democrat County Chairman in Columbia County?

Anonymous said...

Marty Torrey as Chairman...LOL. Isn't he the same lobbyist who gave Hillary Clinton $1,000 bucks?

By the way, has anyone seen Anita Daly at Treadwell headquarters or at a Treadwell event?

Oh wait, that's right, Daly endorsed Gillibrand a few months ago in a Times Union article. Gillibrand than used Daly's glowing remarks in her campaign mailers and ads.

What a crew!!

Anonymous said...

Lloyd Helman for Chairman!