Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clifton Park officials may offer GOP a "deal" they can't refuse

Sources in Clifton Park are suggesting that the elected officials may be working on a deal with the Clifton Park Republican Party to re-establish a partnership broken by the new Chairman, Wilcox.
Details are still not clear but there is quite a bit of talk that there are a number of issues that the Party Executive Commmittee would have to agree to.
Sources who have seen a "draft" copy think that the number one agreement, which is listed as #1 on the paper, is that the Chairman, Wilcox, would have to agree to step aside and off the executive committee.
This would seem obvious as Wilcox could not possibly put the genie back into the bottle of his fatal pronouncement/press release.
#2 similarly would be the quiet resignations of the treasurer and secretary of the committee. Although both sides would stay silent on these 3 departures they must occur in 30 days.
#4 was to allow the current two Vice-Chairmen to serve as co-acting chairmen until the new executive committee could run as a team.
#5 Immediate cessation of volunteer board members from engaging in politics either at town hall meetings or lurking in the shadows as a puppet for county interests.
#6 Take County Chairman Jasper Nolan at his "word" that he has no influence or involvement in local committee activities and he signs an agreement to that effect.
#7 Committee takes the official position that this year should be Nolan's LAST year as County Chairman, time for new blood.
There were 10 in all but the source could not see the second page.
All in all, this sounds like the reasonable approach to mending the fences and moving forward from what everyone admits has been a disasterous last 6 months.
Stay tuned as we will report if the Clifton Park GOP takes these common sense actions or continues to be a public circus.


Anonymous said...

These "solutions" seem obvious, of course they will need a toal shake-up with Wilcox taking a quiet retirement.

No way he can continue, he can't "rescind" his stupid letter "disowning" his own party - what a putz.

George said...

Hear hear, a fresh beginning is the ONLY way forward. Wilcox will still have his county patronage job, Bulger will still have his demons, Burke will still have his county job, and McNab will still be welcomed to snap her gum and blow air bubbles.