Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wager joins growing list of honest folks disgusted with Jasper Nolan.

January 28, 2008
Dear Friends, Just a brief update on the campaign’s progress—and to thank you again for everything you are doing on my behalf. As you may know, I have received significant support in the past couple of weeks from town and county Republican committees. These hard-fought victories have made a lot of people sit up and take notice of our energetic campaign and of our positive and hopeful message of change in Washington.

These victories prove that this campaign can compete and win wherever the playing field is level, and whenever rank-and-file Republican committee members are allowed to have their say. That is not always the case, though. In too many quarters of our esteemed Party, (Jasper Nolan Style machine) politics stubbornly lingers. I have recently learned, for example, that one of the larger Republican County Committees in the 20th District, has made an endorsement in this race, without having met with three of the four Republican candidates.

Repeated and respectful requests for a meeting with that county’s full Republican committee and/or executive committee were made by my campaign, yet we were not extended the courtesy. I find that upsetting, both individually and as a loyal member of the Republican Party. It was my hope that our Party had moved beyond those tactics. There are four fine Republican candidates seeking this nomination, each with his own strengths and ideas, each with his own vision for the future. Hearing from them all of them could only be beneficial to our Party.

When I travel around the 20th to speak with voters—and I do it every day—I hear a strong wind for change blowing. I hear New Yorkers frustrated with Washington and with politics-as-usual here in New York. I hear Republicans who want to move forward, not backwards.Should we choose to listen to those voices and engage in honest, open dialogue about the issues they care about, I am convinced that the best days of the New York Republican Party are ahead. If, on the other hand, we revert to being a Party with a closed political process and limited internal debate, I think our challenges will mount.

The Republican Party that I know and love is the best hope for our state. With your help, I will continue to proudly promote its philosophy and my positive vision for change as I campaign for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 20th District.

Sincerely, Rich Wager

Candidate Mike Rocque earlier revealed Nolan's corrupt process:

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