Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Renewed calls for Jasper Nolan to Retire

With Bruno's retirement, SaratogaPolitics is getting deluged with Saratoga GOP committee member e-mails suggesting it's long overdue for County GOP Chairman John "Jasper" Nolan to announce his retirement.

Bruno Retires; Saratoga GOP going downhill fast

Saratoga GOP future is now certain....downhill fast.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clifton Park GOP Committee DEAD. Rebirth deal afoot.

Months after Bob Wilcox destroyed the credibility of The Clifton Park Republican Committee and made it totally irrelevant in town politics there is a move afoot to rebuild the party.

First reported here, the town elected officials have reportedly offered a solution to help this committee work to regain their trust and begin the long road to becoming an important player in town politics.

There are many proposals but they all involve a complete reorganization at the executive committee level. The agreement being offered is that serious discussions can begin after Bob Wilcox, pictured above, Hugh Burke and Linda McNab agree to resign their executive committee posts.

Once that occurs, the town board will work to establish a new committee leadership team and will agree to help the committee regain the success they enjoyed in the previous years.

Sounds like a positive step, we'll report back if the committee members agree to the first steps on the road to recovery.

The other priority "issue" was that anyone who wants to continue with the nasty stealth group named "the coalition" will also have to agree to resign from the town GOP committee.

For the sake of the Republican Committee up there everyone hopes they agree to work with their elected leaders.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Republican Supervisor Daly endorses Democrat Gillibrand for Congress

In a stunning break from the Republican Party, Clifton Park Supervisor Anita Daly has "endorsed" the Democratic candidate for Congress, Kirsten Gillibrand, by using highly favorable comments in Sunday's Times Union. This is probably not "formal" but in politics perception becomes reality.

Insiders are not surprised, just last month Republican Clifton Park Chairman Bob Wilcox teamed with Daly to attend a Clifton Park Town Board meeting at the behest of a former Columbia County Democratic Chairman and Daly political advisor.

At that meeting and in an e-mail from Wilcox, the rogue Town GOP Committee actually "disowned" their Republican elected officials in Clifton Park.

People are now saying that Daly and Wilcox are now choosing to buck County Republicans and Congressional candidate Sandy Treadwell and through the media derail the Treadwell campaign and give the media favorable quotes and press releases regarding Gillibrand.

People familiar with Wilcox & Daly say they have pushed for higher water taxes in Saratoga County and have embraced the Democratic Party and will work to destroy the local Republican organization in the town and county.

The Vice-Chairman in Clifton Park, Neil Weiner is said to also be a trojan horse and was once a Democrat enrolled party member before plotting to take over the town and county.

Stay tuned as documents are pouring in that indicate Daly and Wilcox have been big supporters of other liberal Democrats in the past as well.

Here are the DALY QUOTES from the Sunday June 15 Times Union article:

Anita Daly, a Clifton Park county supervisor and Republican, says Gillibrand has been "very helpful and supportive" with several initiatives, including a $67 million water project in Saratoga County.
Daly calls Gillibrand "a very hardworking public official who, in my eyes, has been very dedicated to working for the people who put her in office."
Other lawmakers were "always cooperative" and gave her "time" whenever she called with a request, Daly said. "But what I do see Kirsten Gillibrand doing is truly reaching out to the constituents on a level to understand their needs and try to build whatever she can to (help them) grow their own communities in a way they so choose to do."
"She's not at all approaching her public work with any agenda of her own," Daly continued.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

CP GOP Secretary Linda McNab called on her blatant LYING

In a stinging reprimand. Clifton Park's Republican Committee was told to stop lying to the residents and causing further embarrassment to the Republican Party. The spanking came in the form of a rebuttal letter to the editor of The Community News and proved McNab a liar.

Ms. McNab wrote a public "official" letter on behalf of the committee at the direction of the flailing chairman, Bob Wilcox. In the letter, laced with lie after lie, she manufactured fantasies to attempt to embarrass the town board. Instead, she embarrassed herself, Wilcox and the committee which authorized her poison penmanship.
Wilcox has now exhausted any and all credibility of his rogue executive committee might have had.

The Committee has become a laughing stock after Wilcox was told to take the reigns and his marching orders from his patron, the county boss Jasper Nolan.

If Ms. McNab continues writing lies for Wilcox there are talks of taking Wilcox and the executive committee to court for libelous mischaracterizations.

Just what the already embarrased lawyer Wilcox needs, more bad press for his amateur directives and mismanagement of the committee from the start.

In further news, people are quitting his rogue committee in numbers never before seen in that town.