Thursday, June 09, 2011

Jasper Nolan to use convicted criminals as role models

Saratoga Politics has been forwarded an e-mail sent by Saratoga County GOP Chairman Jasper Nolan.

The e-mail was sent by Nolan today at 10:15am with the subject line:

Bruno to be at Grand Opening City Center (sic)

The e-mail was sent to ALL Saratoga County Republican Committee members in an attempt to get them to support convicted Bruno at this ribbon-cutting event on Saturday June 11th at 11am.

With so many politicians abusing their power, position and taxpayers - most recently Congressman Weiner - it's appalling that a party leader is trying to celebrate Bruno's appearance and attempt to get his committee members to attend an event with Bruno. Clearly Nolan is hoping that voters forget Bruno was convicted of crimes and Nolan wants to help Bruno rehabilitate his image and history of being a crook.

Putting these despicable people on pedestals sends the wrong message to our residents and our children.

Nolan has been Bruno's long time butt boy and is sickening that the Jasper and Joe road show is once again promoting themselves instead of hiding and retiring in peace away from folks who have simply had enough of their unethical practices.

Nolan is now a total joke, he's as sick as Weiner.