Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Rumors and conversations abound that Jasper Nolan is planning a major announcement soon after the November elections.

Sources close to Nolan's close circle of insiders say that he is planning on announcing that he is considering retirement from the powerful chairman's position.

However, the sources say that he must be confused, or doesn't know what the current year is.
They say he will announce his retirement and will indeed retire very soon, in 2020 or sooner if he can no longer fog a mirror.

Claiming that he deserves to be chairman as long as he is healthy, he cites the chairman he replaced. He said the chairman he replaced served until he was diagnosed with brain cancer and that Nolan will stay on as long as his health allows.

Thus, Nolan's mental confusion and belief that he is chairman for life seemingly has not changed.

Where are the reporters, no, where are the GOP committeemembers who care?