Thursday, June 05, 2008

CP GOP Secretary Linda McNab called on her blatant LYING

In a stinging reprimand. Clifton Park's Republican Committee was told to stop lying to the residents and causing further embarrassment to the Republican Party. The spanking came in the form of a rebuttal letter to the editor of The Community News and proved McNab a liar.

Ms. McNab wrote a public "official" letter on behalf of the committee at the direction of the flailing chairman, Bob Wilcox. In the letter, laced with lie after lie, she manufactured fantasies to attempt to embarrass the town board. Instead, she embarrassed herself, Wilcox and the committee which authorized her poison penmanship.
Wilcox has now exhausted any and all credibility of his rogue executive committee might have had.

The Committee has become a laughing stock after Wilcox was told to take the reigns and his marching orders from his patron, the county boss Jasper Nolan.

If Ms. McNab continues writing lies for Wilcox there are talks of taking Wilcox and the executive committee to court for libelous mischaracterizations.

Just what the already embarrased lawyer Wilcox needs, more bad press for his amateur directives and mismanagement of the committee from the start.

In further news, people are quitting his rogue committee in numbers never before seen in that town.


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LOL, Linda McNab represents the GOP Party, and she's a proven LIAR?? Too funny!

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