Sunday, June 15, 2008

Republican Supervisor Daly endorses Democrat Gillibrand for Congress

In a stunning break from the Republican Party, Clifton Park Supervisor Anita Daly has "endorsed" the Democratic candidate for Congress, Kirsten Gillibrand, by using highly favorable comments in Sunday's Times Union. This is probably not "formal" but in politics perception becomes reality.

Insiders are not surprised, just last month Republican Clifton Park Chairman Bob Wilcox teamed with Daly to attend a Clifton Park Town Board meeting at the behest of a former Columbia County Democratic Chairman and Daly political advisor.

At that meeting and in an e-mail from Wilcox, the rogue Town GOP Committee actually "disowned" their Republican elected officials in Clifton Park.

People are now saying that Daly and Wilcox are now choosing to buck County Republicans and Congressional candidate Sandy Treadwell and through the media derail the Treadwell campaign and give the media favorable quotes and press releases regarding Gillibrand.

People familiar with Wilcox & Daly say they have pushed for higher water taxes in Saratoga County and have embraced the Democratic Party and will work to destroy the local Republican organization in the town and county.

The Vice-Chairman in Clifton Park, Neil Weiner is said to also be a trojan horse and was once a Democrat enrolled party member before plotting to take over the town and county.

Stay tuned as documents are pouring in that indicate Daly and Wilcox have been big supporters of other liberal Democrats in the past as well.

Here are the DALY QUOTES from the Sunday June 15 Times Union article:

Anita Daly, a Clifton Park county supervisor and Republican, says Gillibrand has been "very helpful and supportive" with several initiatives, including a $67 million water project in Saratoga County.
Daly calls Gillibrand "a very hardworking public official who, in my eyes, has been very dedicated to working for the people who put her in office."
Other lawmakers were "always cooperative" and gave her "time" whenever she called with a request, Daly said. "But what I do see Kirsten Gillibrand doing is truly reaching out to the constituents on a level to understand their needs and try to build whatever she can to (help them) grow their own communities in a way they so choose to do."
"She's not at all approaching her public work with any agenda of her own," Daly continued.


Anonymous said...

This wouldn't be the first time that Anita Daly has sold out the people of Clifton Park for her own political benefit.

She and her partner, Marty Torrey, run a lobbying firm, and this is designed to suck up to Gillibrand so they can reap Congressional 'help' for their clients.

Anita pads her own pocket with cash while selling out the people of Clifton Park...AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise, Daly organized a huge public appearance for Gillibrand during her first run. Daly promoted a massive rally for Gillibrand at the Shenendehowa campus.

Anonymous said...

Torrey is behind the scenes also attempting to derail Jim Tedisco.

The Saratoga GOP have gone off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

Saratoga Politics has received an e-mail from a Clifton Park Republican Committee member who wanted to remain anonymous, BUT has informed the editor that it appears likely that this member will ask for a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE regarding Anita Daly at the next full committee meeting.......

Anonymous said...

The first comment is correct. Follow the money on this one. It's all about Daly and Torrey getting lobbying contracts from Gilliblond.

Where's the press release from Wilcox and his poison pen sidekick McNab disowning Daly for her disloyalty to the party?

All I hear is silence from Wilcox...

Anonymous said...

Wilcox goes after Barrett, Paolucci, Hughes and Walowit for not rubberstamping his pick for a volunteer board position, but isn't doing anything when his county supersisor, Daly turns Benedict Arnold by endorsing Gillibrand. Treadwell vs. Gillibrand is going to be one of the country's hottest congressional races and Daly just hands her an endorsement. Unbelievable. She oughtta be primaried next year for her treachery.