Wednesday, May 06, 2009


The Women's Republican Club Dinner will be held Friday May 15 at the Saratoga City Center.

Jasper has chosen his Master of Ceremonies for the event and will also award her the Young Republican of the year.

The recipient, pictured to the Left, is Elaine Kelly.

She and Jasper are continually invigorating the party and are bringing new technologies to the campaigns. Elaine's recogniton is partly because she restarted the YR's of Saratoga and feel they will be quite successful networking at the local Elks's Bingo nights.

Not to be forgotten, Chris Callaghan will be at the head table honored for dancing on the Tom Lewis Grave and given the award for "opportunist of the year" for kissing Jasper's behind hoping and praying Jasper will allow him to be his personal pawn and replacement as Chairman when Jasper turns 80 and Callaghan turns 70.

So much for change. So much for new blood. So much for out with the old and in with the new.

The Saratoga GOP is hell bent on continuing their failures and promoting cronies and older white men with no electoral successes.

will continue to lead the Saratoga GOP into the toilet as his losses pile up like manure on a horse farm.

The absolute cowardice of people standing up and demanding his resignation CONFIRMS that the GOP is dead in Saratoga as the total absence of leadership has allowed Nolan to continue his failed campaigns.

The pile of manure on Nolan's resume is phenomenal and the lack of media scrutiny into his unethical organization is bizarre.

R.I.P. Saratoga County Republicans -

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