Thursday, May 14, 2009

TOP Republican challenges Jasper Nolan for Top Spot

The Clifton Park Town Highway Superintendent is telling people today that a public figure has openly challenged Jasper Nolan's leadership in the County.

In an ironic twist of fate, this person was once given a high level "patronage" job at OGS by Nolan but apparently even Nolan couldn't help keep this person's job when he mysteriously was rumored to have "moved on".

Nolan also recently supported this former town offical and assigned him the task of leading a "coalition" along with planning board chairman Steve Bulger and Town Republican Chairman Bob Wilcox. Their mission was to get Nolan cronies to join the town committee to get enough votes to oust the former chairman who never lost a GOP seat in town and was threatening Nolan's "County Chairman for Life" status.

These 3 Coalition leaders got 12 cronies to be appointed by Nolan and vote Wilcox into the leadership post and for that Wilcox was rewarded with a County Attorney's patronage job and the other two became Nolan butt boys preserving Nolan's leadership and contributing to more high profile Republican election losses recently which now threaten the party's long held dominance in the county.

The person pictured above and named by the Highway Superintendent is Dale Kelley. The information we received was that Kelley would resign from Nolan's county committee and join the town Democrats in supporting their Democrat candidate for town supervisor thus threatening Nolan's county GOP majority on the board of Supervisors.

We learned also that it's possible that a former Columbia County Democrat Chairman, posing as a Jasper Nolan Republican on the CP town Committee and very (very) close ally of Clifton Park's other town Supervisor Anita Daly is also interested in Nolan's job as county boss. However they plan to switch Daly's registration to the Democratic Party (ala Arlen Specter), challenge the Veitch seat in the Spa City with a Dem candidate and attempt to switch the county to Democratic majority dominance.

Many GOP County workers along with Nolan could possibly be thrown out on their rears - ironically, thanks to Nolan's buffoonery, along with his coaliton in Clifton Park, proving that the biggest threat to the GOP in Saratoga was Nolan himself.

So Who are these Nolan Coalition members?

Anita Daly openly campaigned for Kristen Gillibrand and is rumored to be waiting to switch her registration to Democrat to help create a position for a Democrat County Committee Chairman...

Marty Torrey, former County Democrat Boss turned CP Republican Committee man with his eyes on another County Chairman post, this time in Saratoga, was also an open supporter and contributor to Hillary Clinton.

Neil Weiner, former Vice Chairman of the town GOP committee and current member and CPWA (Patronage) attorney, had to switch his enrollment FROM being a Democrat.

Is this starting to look like a Trojan Horse?

All these Clifton Park Coaliton members made the decision to drink the Nolan Kool-Aid and it's killing the Republican Party -

The Democrats are thrilled with their allies, a.k.a. the Clifton Park "coalition".

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