Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Rumors and conversations abound that Jasper Nolan is planning a major announcement soon after the November elections.

Sources close to Nolan's close circle of insiders say that he is planning on announcing that he is considering retirement from the powerful chairman's position.

However, the sources say that he must be confused, or doesn't know what the current year is.
They say he will announce his retirement and will indeed retire very soon, in 2020 or sooner if he can no longer fog a mirror.

Claiming that he deserves to be chairman as long as he is healthy, he cites the chairman he replaced. He said the chairman he replaced served until he was diagnosed with brain cancer and that Nolan will stay on as long as his health allows.

Thus, Nolan's mental confusion and belief that he is chairman for life seemingly has not changed.

Where are the reporters, no, where are the GOP committeemembers who care?


Anonymous said...

There are a few in Saratoga County who walk the talk to have Jasper retire and let younger clearer minds in to re-organize the Republicans, then there are more who talk and then hide when the committee elects the officers. Jasper has done well and should retire on a high note, but instead his supporters will let him continue and be a one-note.

Anonymous said...

Jasper is increasingly making decisions detrimental to the county. Even within his very own Board of Elections he has demonstrated that influence and connection overrides the future success and benefits of this great county. He has recently overlooked many years of tireless support and work normally unheard of in the work place. As of Dec 2010, he has promoted a "walk in" PART TIME SEASONAL employee to the position of Deputy Commissioner. Stepping over other EXTREMELY qualified individuals with many years of service to him and the county Board of Elections, and forgetting about the promotion from within possibility. In one fell swoop he has killed the forward progress that is created daily within that office. Upon the unfortunate and untimely passing of the former Republican Commissioner, Diane Wade, it was thought that we as a county could come together in a time of sadness and loss and support the ongoing direction of the Board and its duties. Roger Schiera, also not a lifelong resident of the county became The New Commissioner, someone no one had heard of, but the BOE staff were willing to lend support and guidance with the understanding that that the positive belief structure would be recipricated. But to no avail.
And now this great county of ours has a somehow connected to jasper- drug addled, former singer of a band famous for after hours elicit and illegal partying at the helm of Deputy Commissioner. When the new Commissioner was asked why he didnt hire someone experienced from within the office, His only answer was, "John and I are a better fit". What about who fits with the county? Its not about you scheira, its about 160 thousand registered voters who now have to wait on hold while your drugged out prodigy runs around the office asking for help in answering a simple election process question. And all with the approval of our fearless county R leader, Jasper.