Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Jasper Nolan calls secret illegal meeting: GOP in Panic

Saratoga Politics has learned from sources inside Charlton GOP and Halfmoon GOP that Nolan has summoned his lapdog GOP supervisors to a secret and illegal (not abiding with NY open meeting law) "caucus" tomorrow night.

Nolan really goofed when he jammed the county water authority down the throats of the supervisors - the water project known as Bruno's folly which was designed to pay off contributors.

Global Foundries has mothballed the administration building in Malta telling construction workers to put a roof on it and cap it, seal it off. They cancelled an Abu Dhabi chip fab and problems in Dresden have forced AMD to outsource chip fab to arch competitors - Tiawan semiconductor.

Now this once agains threatens the financial stability of the county water authority which was in serious trouble recently from the poison water and missed cash flow. If Global Foundries isn't up and running the lack of water use will force the county taxpayers to fund the water authority as Nolan foolishly told the supervisors to guarantee the authority bonds.

What's worse, Maplewood Manor is one year away from crippling the county's once solid balance sheet. The supervisors are inept and afraid to either open, lease or sell the landfill

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